Everest Base Camp

Thank you for the best experience of my life. I couldn't fault anything on the trek and I had a ball. Our crew lead by Bir Sing were always smiling and helpful and this is what made the experience so great.

I never thought I'd laugh so and much and the bond that formed in such a short time between the crew and trekkers grew stronger everyday so much so that some of us didn't want to leave - it was hard to say goodbye.

Charles Zidkovik | Perth, Australia



Take an adventure holiday in TIBET with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

Tibet has for centuries evoked images of a lost Shangri La! To this day, it’s stunning Himalayan views, high plateau, beautiful Buddhist monasteries and extraordinary people combine to make Tibet one of the world’s great travel experiences.

Tibet borders India, Burma, Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal. Covering a massive 1.22 million square kilometers, the plateau is surrounded by the highest mountain ranges, the Himalaya to the south, the Karakoram to the west and the Kunlun to the north. With an average elevation of 14,000 feet, Tibet is literally the highest nation on earth. Five of Asia's great rivers including the Indus, Mekong and Brahmaputra have their headwaters in Tibet, nearly half the world's population lives downstream from Tibet. Tibet's high plains, forests and mountains form a unique ecosystem on the planet and are home to an array of rare wildlife, including the snow leopard, blue sheep and Tibetan wild ass. This ecosystem and many of its species are now endangered.

Not only is Tibet home to Chomolongma – the local name for the highest peak in the world, but also to an incredible culture and history that emanates from the high, arid plateau that characterizes this striking land. World Expeditions' trekking & adventure travel holidays in Tibet take you well beyond the tourist trails, to discover the cultural heart and hidden corners where few travelers have been before.

Featured Adventures

Beijing to Kathmandu

A unique journey through China and Tibet exploring stark contrasts from mega metropolis' to the vast landscapes of the Himalaya and the Tibetan Plateau
19 days |

Beijing to Lhasa Journey

A fascinating journey for those looking for a cultural taste of China and Tibet with stunning scenic views.
11 days |
Reviews 1

Everest Kangshung Face

An adventure tour combining our ‘High Road to Lhasa' with an exhilarating trek to the Kangshung Face of Everest
23 days |
Reviews 1

High Road to Lhasa

This is our classic Tibetan journey - a rugged crossing of the Tibetan Plateau linking the fabled city of Lhasa with Kathmandu
14 days |
Reviews 4

Journey to Mount Kailash

Explore Kailash, the most sacred mountain in the Himalaya, during the Saga Dawa festival, and experience the traditional culture of sacred Tibet
20 days |

Lhasa Highlights

Explore the cultural highlights of ancient Lhasa
4 days |
Reviews 1

The Ancient City of Lhasa

A short journey to the ancient Tibetan capital of Lhasa
8 days |
Reviews 1

Tibet Ganden Samye Trek

Traditional Tibetan culture and a short but spectacular trek combine to make this a memorable journey
16 days |
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The Weather in Tibet

The travelling season in Southern Tibet extends from the beginning of May through the end of October. During May and June the days are clear and fine. However, the region closest to the Chinese/Nepal border is subject to monsoonal rains, which continue from the middle of June through to the middle of September. During this time the rains frequently cause landslides on the Sun Kosi sections of the Lhasa to Kathmandu highway causing untold inconvenience and delays. In late September and October a clear and stable weather pattern returns until the onset of the first winter snows in late October.

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