Mount Cook Aoraki Ascent

As for the Mt Cook trip, it was absolutely brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed it and the 10 day course taught me a lot! I'm already thinking of what I would like to climb next.... Possibly something in the Himalayas. Just need to keep up the fitness (and save up a lot of money!!).

Alex M. | Wakefield, UK

New Zealand

New Zealand

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Stretching North to South for over 2000 km and split into two main islands, New Zealand is a country of diverse landforms. From the Pacific Island beaches and rolling farmlands in the north, to the volcanic plateau and then onto the soaring mountains within view of the sea and the sub-Antarctic islands that dot the South Island coastline, the contrasts are many. The Southern Alps in the South Island contain more mountains than the European Alps altogether and the Main Divide, the chain of peaks that forms the backbone of the Alps from Arthurs Pass to Fiordland, splits the island into east and west. Several ice ages and the fact that two continental plates are sliding past each other forming the Southern Alps means that the scenery is as rugged as the New Zealand fauna and flora is unique.

With a population of 4.0 million people, the wilderness areas of New Zealand are many as most 'Kiwis' now live in an urban situation near the coast. The Maori are the indigenous people of the land and they named it Aotearoa 'Land of the Long White Cloud' upon their arrival 1000 years ago. Europeans settled in the early 1800s and the country is alive today with a market driven economy and a blend of European and Asia/Pacific influences to create a buoyant South Pacific culture.

Featured Adventures

Alpine Climbing Course

Learn the full range of modern alpine climbing techniques in the heart of the Southern Alps
10 days |

Ice Climbing Course

Develop your ice climbing skills in the company of New Zealand's most experienced guides in a superb alpine playground
5 days |

Macquarie Island Expedition

An incredible journey to four unique subantarctic islands - The Snares, Aucklands, Macquarie & Campbell.
13 days |

Mount Aspiring Climb

A classic alpine climb on New Zealand's most beautiful mountain preceeded by a short mountaineering skills course
7 days |

Mount Cook Aoraki Ascent

A 10 day alpine climbing course culminating in an attempt to climb New Zealand's highest summit; Mt Cook (Aoraki 3754m)
18 days |
Reviews 2

Alps to Ocean Cycle

A unique cycling adventure taking you from the Southern Alps through ancient Maori trading and food gathering routes towards the historic coastal township of Oamaru
6 days |

Ball Pass Summit Trek

A challenging short alpine trek in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park under the imposing shadow of Mount Cook
3 days |

Best of Southern Alps Trek

A dramatic 6 day itinerary providing some of the best treks in New Zealand's Southern Alps
6 days |
Reviews 1

Great West Coast Cycle

A spectacular tour of the west coast glaciers and alpine passes for the enthusiastic cyclist
9 days |

Hot Pools, Passes & Rainforests

A sensational short cycling adventure over spectacular passes and along one of the most scenic coastal rides in the world.
5 days |
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The Weather in New Zealand

New Zealand  enjoys a sub-tropical maritime climate, ie a climate with few extremes. However the weather can be changeable. Maximum mid summer temperatures range from 12°-25°C (65°-77°F) with January and February being the warmest months. The temperatures are cooler in the mountain regions. It does rain at times especially on the West Coast and in Fiordland, (sometimes very heavy!) A good waterproof parka or anorak as well as rain-pants are crucial.

Fortunately the weather rolls through quickly and often the next day is stunningly clear! Occasionally however weather conditions on the land may prevent us from completing a scheduled activity. The decision to alter the itinerary is made in the best interest of the group and it's safety, and alternative plans are made.

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