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This trip was a dream come true with adventure, excitement and beauty around each corner.

It was also everything I would come to expect from World Expeditions in every way...this is my third trip with World Expeditions and have heard from many others...word and mouth is your best advertisement.

Great Itinerary, A trip for the Adventure seeker, Great organization, Incredible Guides (Tony in Peru and Juan in Bolivia), Small groups as promised, Great and abundant food which also catered for my special needs, Good equipment and accommodation when needed, Good transfers, Reliability.

G. O'Connor | Australia



Greece forms an irregular-shaped peninsula in the Mediterranean with two additional large peninsulas projecting from it: the Chalcidice and the Peloponnese. To the north, it has borders with Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria, and to the east it borders Turkey.

The Greek Islands are generally subdivided into two groups, according to location: the Ionian Islands (including Corfu, Cephalonia, and Leucas) west of the mainland and the Aegean Islands (including Euboea, Samos, Chios, Lesbos, and Crete) to the east and south.

North-central Greece, Epirus, and western Macedonia are all mountainous. The main chain of the Pindus Mountains extends from northwest Greece to the Peloponnese. Mount Olympus, rising to (2,909 m), is the highest point in the country.

Featured Adventures

Ancient Greece on Foot

Discover the ancient sites of Athens and Delphi as well as the impressive 'floating' monasteries of Meteora on foot
8 days |
Introductory to Moderate

Ancient Greece on Foot Guided Walk

A guided walking journey to discover the ancient sites of Athens, Delphi and the 'floating' monasteries of Meteora
8 days |
Introductory to Moderate

Crete: Mountains and Coast

Explore the ancient cities, mountains and villages along Crete's southwest coast on foot
8 days |
Moderate | Inn to Inn Walking

Crete: Mountains and Coast Guided Walk

Explore on foot the ancient cities, mountains and villages along Crete's southwest coast
8 days |
Moderate | Inn to Inn Walking

Greek Islands Bike & Boat

Cruise the azure waters of the Aegean and cycle to ancient ruins and unspoilt beaches
8 days |
Introductory to Moderate | Cycling | Cruising

Greek Islands Family Adventure

Get active in the Ionian Islands of Greece with the family on this fun multi-activity adventure
8 days |
Introductory | Multi Activity

Ionian Islands Bike & Sail

Discover the Ionian islands, including Ithaca, Cephalonia and Corfu, by bike and boat
8 days |
Moderate | Cycling | Cruising

Mount Athos Explorer

Experience the simple life at the male-only monastic republic of Mt Athos during this walk back in time to the Middle Ages
7 days |
Introductory to Moderate | Inn to Inn Walking

Mount Olympus Guided Walk

Ascend to the legendary home of Zeus, the peaks of Mount Olympus
4 days |
Moderate to Challenging | Inn to Inn Walking

Santorini to Crete Guided Walk

A superb week of walks exploring the best vistas and mesmerising mythology of these two Aegean gems
8 days |
Introductory to Moderate
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The Weather in Greece

The dominant condition of Greece's climate is the alternation between hot, dry summers and cold, damp winters typical of the Mediterranean.  The main climatic regions of Greece are the mainland mountains, Attica (the southeasternmost part of the mainland) and the Aegean, the west including the Ionian Islands, and the continental northeast.

Cyclonic depressions provide the lowlands of the west and the south with mild winters and little frost. Beginning in late fall and continuing through the winter, the Ionian Islands and the western mountains of the mainland receive abundant rain (snow at higher elevations) from the west, whereas the eastern mainland, shielded by the mountains, receives much less precipitation.

In summer Greece experiences hot, dry conditions and an average sea-level temperature of 27° C in July. Summer winds have a moderating effect along the coast, but very dry, hot winds affect tje Aegean area. The Ionian and Aegean islands are especially warm in October and November.

At higher elevations in the interior, some rainfall occurs year-round, and higher mountains in the southern Peloponnesus and on Crete are snowcapped for several months of the year. The mountains of Macedonia and Thrace have colder continental winters influenced by winds channeled through the river valleys from the north.

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