Everest Base Camp

Thank you for the best experience of my life. I couldn't fault anything on the trek and I had a ball. Our crew lead by Bir Sing were always smiling and helpful and this is what made the experience so great.

I never thought I'd laugh so and much and the bond that formed in such a short time between the crew and trekkers grew stronger everyday so much so that some of us didn't want to leave - it was hard to say goodbye.

Charles Zidkovik | Perth, Australia

Indian Himalaya

Indian Himalaya

Take an adventure holiday in the INDIAN HIMALAYA with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading adventure travel companies.

The Indian Himalaya covers a vast area along the northern boundary of India, spanning five states including Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradech. For the people of the Indian Himalaya, the mountain range continues to dominant their lives as it has done for centuries and marks the divide between three of Asia’s main religions; Kashmir is largely influences by Islam, whereas the foothills of Jammu, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh follow Hinduism and from Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir) through Tibet and onto the eastern state of Sikkim, the dominating religion is Buddhism.

Come explore the region’s rich blend of cultures, religions and dramatic landscapes with World Expeditions. We offer tours and treks in the stunning Garhwal and Ladakh regions.

Undoubtedly the centre stage of the Indian Himalayas is formed by the Garhwal where India’s highest peak Nanda Devi is located. Here, great peaks like Kamet, Trisul amd Nanda Devi rise majestically, separated by some of the mightiest rivers of northern India. It is these awe-inspiring peaks, the beautiful valleys and meadows, and the legends associated with all of the above that make Garhwal so special.

Ladakh translates to “Land of the High Passes’ – and it certainly merits this name with its multitude of towering mountain ranges, river valleys and high plateaus. Unique and remote, the traditional culture of Ladakh derives from Tibetan Buddhism evidenced in the many centuries-old monasteries that are found in almost every village throughout Ladakh. As well, wildlife is abundant in the mountains, and it’s very common on our treks to see the Blue Sheep, Ibex, an occasional wolf, wild yaks, marmots, chukors, and birds of prey such as the Golden Eagle and the Iammergier. Ladakh is also home to the elusive Snow Leopard.

Featured Adventures

Beyond the Markha Valley

A classic introduction to trekking in Little Tibet following ancient trails linking the villages of the secluded Markha Valley and head off the beaten track to the Zalung Karpo La and beyond
15 days |

Cycle Manali to Leh with Kate Leeming

We cycle across the backbone of the west Himalaya from Ladakh to the verdant Kullu Valley on one of the world's highest and most rugged mountain roads
17 days |
Reviews 1

Hidden Valleys of Ladakh

Trek ‘Little Tibet'', attend the famous Hemis Festival and complete a journey to the borderlands of Tibet
20 days |

Journey through Rajasthan and Kashmir with Garry Weare

From the Rajasthan deserts to the fabled Vale of Kashmir
18 days |

Kashmir Ladakh Adventure

Combine a sojourn in Kashmir with an exhilarating trek in the mountains of Ladakh
15 days |

Parang La Traverse with Garry Weare

Wild and remote trekking along borderlands of Tibet
21 days |

Where Two Worlds meet - Journey to Ladakh & Kashmir with Garry Weare

Unsurpassed journey from Ladakh to the Valley of Kashmir
17 days |

Zanskar to Indus Traverse

A stunning traverse of the Indian Himalaya through the dramatic region of Zanskar
22 days |
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The Weather in Indian Himalaya

The Himalayan Alpine climate varies according to the elevation. It gets colder as the elevation increases and gets wetter as the elevation drops. As a result the temparture and climatic changes in the Himalayan regions change very quickly and can be quite unpredictable.

The two major seasons of the Himalayan region are winter and summer. During the winter the region recieves the maximum snow with very icy temperatures. Summers are quite mild over here, making the places overe here quiet good summer holiday hideouts. The Ladakh and Indian Himalayan climate is one of the very few areas in the Himalaya that can offer trekking in June, July and August.

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